Ruth Ivy || Birth Story

     Welcome to the world sweet baby girl! 

April 10, 2017

     I made it to my induction date! It was a total different experience being able to plan a date to have a baby, rather than just waiting for baby to come! It was so nice being able to have plans set for our Benson Boy. My sweet parents came down Sunday night and stayed with us so that they could take Benson the next day.

     We were able to get a little bit of sleep. I made it until 4 AM before I woke up and then was too excited to go back to sleep. I was also worried that I would miss the call. At 6:30 AM we got a call from the hospital saying that they were ready for us whenever we were! It was really happening! So we showered, packed some last minute things and arrived at the hospital at 7:30! I love living in a place that’s so close to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced! I had been that progressed for 4 weeks. We got all checked in and I got hooked up to an IV to get some fluids started. They also started my on pitocin to get the contractions going, and they were coming strong! I originally picked this date for delivery because my original Doctor was supposed to be at the hospital that day. When we got to the hospital we found out it was a Doctor that we hadn’t met yet, but I’d heard from several friends and other nurses that they loved the Doc that was there that day. I wasn’t too worried. He was in and out of our room a few times before I actually delivered her, which I thought was very impressive. With Benson I saw the doctor right before I delivered and that was all. So it was nice to meet him before everything actually happened! I was really impressed with him taking the time to come see us especially because he had 2 c-sections already and 5 other ladies that were being induced that day, and he was the only doc, so it was kind of a hectic day for them, but I never would have guessed. I felt like all attention was on us, I didn’t feel like any of the nurses or that he was rushed.

     I went through two bags of fluids in an hour or two, so I was making trips to the bathroom every few minutes. Haha my sweet husband was so good to help me back and forth each time helping me keep the back of my gown closed. (oh what a site) haha. I got my epidural at 11:15. This time I remember being alot more bugged by getting the epidural. It’s such a weird feeling. But man was I glad when it kicked in! Goodbye contractions! They broke my water at 12:30. I was only dilated to a 4 at this point, so not much progression. I expected it to be an all day process, since I labored with Benson for almost 24 hours and the last two I was pushing. My parents brought Benson to hang out and eat lunch at the hospital (they also had to get out of my house since it was being showed that day a couple times for interested renters, crazy timing I know). Benson was having fun taking the video camera and getting some surprisingly really good quality videos of all of us. The nurse came back an hour later (1:30) and at that point I still was only at a 5.5. So I figured we would have baby by early evening. My dad took Benson home so that he could get a good nap in so that he would be happy to meet sis. This pregnancy I told my mom she was welcome to be in the delivery room when I had baby girl. So mama stayed with us at the hospital. Such an awesome experience. Love that mama of mine.

     Two hours later (3:30PM) things got interesting when they came in to check me and I had jumped to a 9.5! (Happy dance) I was shocked!! Our sweet nurse ensured us we would be holding baby with in the next 1-2 hours. The Doctor came in at 3:50 and got all gowned up! I was prepared for stirrups and the whole bright lights, but Dr. just sat on the side of the bed, no crazy bright lights or legs in stirrups, it was awesome! He was so relaxed and made us feel super comfortable and eased my stresses alot. I was so worried I’d be pushing for 2 hours again and come away with the same level of tear I did with Benson. We were all trying to avoid that at all costs. He assured me he’d do everything he could to avoid that too. He was so awesome. So with my sweetheart on my left side and my mom on the right, they each held my legs while I pushed. It was such a spiritual/sweet experience to have them there helping me. The first time after I pushed through a contraction, I looked over and smiled at my mama and she had tears in her eyes. I tried my hardest not to start bawling. I pushed through 3-4 contractions, and pushed a few times in between contractions as well to try to avoid the bad tear. After a short 7 minutes of pushing (the last two pushes, I only had to push “half-strength”) Ruth was placed on my chest. Our sweet girl was born at 4:04 PM. I thought she weighed six pounds when they gave her to me because pushing really was so easy and quick. I was so so surprised when they took her to be weighed and she was almost as big as Benson. Baby girl weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and measured 19″ long! She was perfect in every way! I still cant believe that we’ve had her for a week, and that I have a little girl. Everyone has been asking where we came up with her name.. Ruth is named after two of my great grandmothers! Ruth (my Dad’s dad’s mom) and Ivy (my Mama’s mom’s mom) Follow that? haha. We are in love with our tiny squish.

     The past week has gone by way too fast. I’ve tried to soak in all of the cuddles and snuggles and midnight feedings. The newborn stage goes by so quick. The last few days she’s given us good stretches in between feedings. And for some miraculous reason I haven’t felt exhausted like I thought I would be. Today (4/17) was my first day home alone with the kids without my mama or hubby here to help, and it went great! I was so worried that we’d all be crying by the time dad got home from work. We made it through and we survived! Benson loves his sis, and is such a great helper. I couldn’t ask for a better first babe. We are still living on cloud nine and enjoying every minute we can with our kiddos!


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