Ruth Ivy || Birth Story

     Welcome to the world sweet baby girl! 

April 10, 2017

     I made it to my induction date! It was a total different experience being able to plan a date to have a baby, rather than just waiting for baby to come! It was so nice being able to have plans set for our Benson Boy. My sweet parents came down Sunday night and stayed with us so that they could take Benson the next day.

     We were able to get a little bit of sleep. I made it until 4 AM before I woke up and then was too excited to go back to sleep. I was also worried that I would miss the call. At 6:30 AM we got a call from the hospital saying that they were ready for us whenever we were! It was really happening! So we showered, packed some last minute things and arrived at the hospital at 7:30! I love living in a place that’s so close to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced! I had been that progressed for 4 weeks. We got all checked in and I got hooked up to an IV to get some fluids started. They also started my on pitocin to get the contractions going, and they were coming strong! I originally picked this date for delivery because my original Doctor was supposed to be at the hospital that day. When we got to the hospital we found out it was a Doctor that we hadn’t met yet, but I’d heard from several friends and other nurses that they loved the Doc that was there that day. I wasn’t too worried. He was in and out of our room a few times before I actually delivered her, which I thought was very impressive. With Benson I saw the doctor right before I delivered and that was all. So it was nice to meet him before everything actually happened! I was really impressed with him taking the time to come see us especially because he had 2 c-sections already and 5 other ladies that were being induced that day, and he was the only doc, so it was kind of a hectic day for them, but I never would have guessed. I felt like all attention was on us, I didn’t feel like any of the nurses or that he was rushed.

     I went through two bags of fluids in an hour or two, so I was making trips to the bathroom every few minutes. Haha my sweet husband was so good to help me back and forth each time helping me keep the back of my gown closed. (oh what a site) haha. I got my epidural at 11:15. This time I remember being alot more bugged by getting the epidural. It’s such a weird feeling. But man was I glad when it kicked in! Goodbye contractions! They broke my water at 12:30. I was only dilated to a 4 at this point, so not much progression. I expected it to be an all day process, since I labored with Benson for almost 24 hours and the last two I was pushing. My parents brought Benson to hang out and eat lunch at the hospital (they also had to get out of my house since it was being showed that day a couple times for interested renters, crazy timing I know). Benson was having fun taking the video camera and getting some surprisingly really good quality videos of all of us. The nurse came back an hour later (1:30) and at that point I still was only at a 5.5. So I figured we would have baby by early evening. My dad took Benson home so that he could get a good nap in so that he would be happy to meet sis. This pregnancy I told my mom she was welcome to be in the delivery room when I had baby girl. So mama stayed with us at the hospital. Such an awesome experience. Love that mama of mine.

     Two hours later (3:30PM) things got interesting when they came in to check me and I had jumped to a 9.5! (Happy dance) I was shocked!! Our sweet nurse ensured us we would be holding baby with in the next 1-2 hours. The Doctor came in at 3:50 and got all gowned up! I was prepared for stirrups and the whole bright lights, but Dr. just sat on the side of the bed, no crazy bright lights or legs in stirrups, it was awesome! He was so relaxed and made us feel super comfortable and eased my stresses alot. I was so worried I’d be pushing for 2 hours again and come away with the same level of tear I did with Benson. We were all trying to avoid that at all costs. He assured me he’d do everything he could to avoid that too. He was so awesome. So with my sweetheart on my left side and my mom on the right, they each held my legs while I pushed. It was such a spiritual/sweet experience to have them there helping me. The first time after I pushed through a contraction, I looked over and smiled at my mama and she had tears in her eyes. I tried my hardest not to start bawling. I pushed through 3-4 contractions, and pushed a few times in between contractions as well to try to avoid the bad tear. After a short 7 minutes of pushing (the last two pushes, I only had to push “half-strength”) Ruth was placed on my chest. Our sweet girl was born at 4:04 PM. I thought she weighed six pounds when they gave her to me because pushing really was so easy and quick. I was so so surprised when they took her to be weighed and she was almost as big as Benson. Baby girl weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and measured 19″ long! She was perfect in every way! I still cant believe that we’ve had her for a week, and that I have a little girl. Everyone has been asking where we came up with her name.. Ruth is named after two of my great grandmothers! Ruth (my Dad’s dad’s mom) and Ivy (my Mama’s mom’s mom) Follow that? haha. We are in love with our tiny squish.

     The past week has gone by way too fast. I’ve tried to soak in all of the cuddles and snuggles and midnight feedings. The newborn stage goes by so quick. The last few days she’s given us good stretches in between feedings. And for some miraculous reason I haven’t felt exhausted like I thought I would be. Today (4/17) was my first day home alone with the kids without my mama or hubby here to help, and it went great! I was so worried that we’d all be crying by the time dad got home from work. We made it through and we survived! Benson loves his sis, and is such a great helper. I couldn’t ask for a better first babe. We are still living on cloud nine and enjoying every minute we can with our kiddos!

Wyatt + Riley || Engagement Session

Antelope Island Engagements | Utah Photographer

Antelope Island is one of the best places in Utah to have a session. The island is so versatile and you can get so many different looks from one spot! I was so excited when these two cuties wanted to have their engagement session at Antelope Island.

It had been such a blizzard all day, but it warmed up just in time for these two! I went to high school with both Wyatt + Riley and they are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I’m so glad they ended up finding each other in college! Their session was so laid back and relaxed, they were laughing and had the most genuine smiles the whole session. (They made my job so easy) These two got engaged just before Christmas, and she has the most unique gorgeous ring! I’m OBSESSED! An opal stone with a hexagon ring of diamonds around it.




Jordan + Annie || Engagement Session

Utah Lake Engagements | Utah Photographer

This was one of my favorite sessions I’ve done so far. Not only did I get to work with an adorable couple, but Annie is my best friend which made it even more fun and exciting! Fun fact about me + Annie, we are also cousins and we share a birthday so we grew up playing together all of the time and celebrating birthdays together. I was so thrilled when she found her perfect match. Jordan is the best guy, he treats Annie so well, and I’ve loved watching their relationship grow and develop. I was able to be there when he proposed, and I’m so glad they chose me to document their story. Their session was full of lots of laughs and cuddles (exactly how an engagement session should be right?) I love you guys + can’t wait to be apart of your big day!

Styled Shoot || Utah Bridals

Studio Winter Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

I loved being apart of this gorgeous styled shoot. I love shooting in a studio (especially in the freezing cold Utah winter). When I heard that ECD studio was putting on a styled bridal shoot I knew I had to go! So many talented vendors were involved in this shoot. The studio was packed with around 20 other photographers around Utah. I loved meeting them and getting to know more creatives! One of my favorite parts of my job and doing styled shoots is networking. I love finding others who are in the same field as me, I love meeting new people and making new friends. I can’t thank the vendors enough for their hard work and the time they spent getting everything ready and perfect to shoot!

Location: ECD Studio in American Fork, Utah

Creative Consultant: Muyly Miller Company

Calligraphy Backdrop: Opal Artistry

Florals: Salt + Flora

Hair + Makeup: Eight Zero One Salon + Spa

Cake: Pie’s Cake Shop

Dresses: Elizabeth Cooper Design



2016 highlights

2016 was such a great year for me. It was the year I got my business license, upgraded equipment, and really dove head first into this photography gig. I’m so glad I made that leap of faith. 2016 made me step out of my comfort zone, become more confident, and it allowed me to meet so many lovely people and capture their happiest moments.


I started off the year by doing something for me. My good friend Lindsay Gillon and I put together a styled bridal shoot. It was so fun to work with our good friends as the models. (Thanks Kate + Jason) We couldn’t have done it with out the talented Emily Lords who was our hair + make-up artist. That girl has some serious talent! This shoot was so much fun working with a horse. It was the icing on the cake for this wintery shoot. Couldn’t think of a better way to start out the year.

2017-01-09_00012017-01-09_0002 2017-01-09_0003 2017-01-09_0004 2017-01-09_0005 2017-01-09_0006


My first wedding of the year was this cute couple. I went to high school with Mary and was so happy to see her so in love and happy with life. I was so glad they chose me to be apart of their gorgeous day. They were both smiling ear to ear their whole wedding day. Such a fun loving couple.

2017-01-09_0007 2017-01-09_0008 2017-01-09_0009 2017-01-09_0010 2017-01-09_0011 2017-01-09_0012

Lauren Maternity

Have you seen a cuter baby bump? I think not. Lauren is one of the kindest girls I know. She is a master at hair (especially braids) I was glad to sneak a few maternity shots of her during a collaboration we worked together on for a mama + baby shoot that kept me busy January-May. So much work but so worth it.

2017-01-09_0013 2017-01-09_0014 2017-01-09_0015

New friends


Lindsay Gillon and I organized a styled shoot for mama + kiddos highlighting over 100 companies that we adore. This was our kick off session. We shot at The Charcoal Loft in Salt Lake City and worked with a few talented make-up + hair artists. Thanks Liz + Miriam!

2017-01-09_0016 2017-01-09_0017

 mama + kiddo series

Over 100 companies, 20+ adorable models, 5+ locations, 4 styled nurseries, and so many pictures.


Bow: Finn + Olive

Dress: Humble Hilo

 Rug: Lorena Canals

  Teepee: Tiny Teepees

                Campfire: Two Tiny Sunshines

2017-01-09_0019 2017-01-09_0020

Sweater: The Crafted Co.

White dresses: Baby Beau + Belle

Bow: Free Babes

Paci Clip: NomiLu

2017-01-09_0021 2017-01-09_0022 2017-01-09_0023

Handmade Dolls: Finn + Ivor

2017-01-09_0024 2017-01-09_0025

Bonnet: Links + Co.

Blanket: NomiLu


Pacifier: Natursutten

Towel: Puj

Baby Wash: Wash With Water


Swing: 4Moms MamaRoo

Rug: Vintage Rug Shop

Bow: Finn + Olive

2017-01-09_0028 2017-01-09_0029 2017-01-09_0030 2017-01-09_0031

Headwrap: LemonBerry Designs

Romper: Sparrow Collective

Shoes: JolieBerry


Bonnet: Petite Soul

Romper: Sparrow Collective


Bonnet: Hello Charlie!

Shoes: Mason Dixon Made

Book: BabyLit


Dress: ARQ

Shoes: Little Pine Outfitters

Bunny Bonnet: Tortoise + Hare Clothing

2017-01-09_0035 2017-01-09_0036

Dress: Tortoise + Hare Clothing

Shoes: Humble Hilo

Skirt: ARQ

Headwrap: LemonBerry Designs


Dress: The Crafted Co.

Art: Beth Allen Art


Shirts: Sparrow Design  + Friday Apparel


Carseat Cover: Milk Snob

Diaper Bag: Humble Hilo


Dress: Holley + Sage

Carseat Cover: Milk Snob

Diaper Bag: Fawn Design

2017-01-09_0041 2017-01-09_0042 2017-01-09_0043 2017-01-09_0044

Felt Garland: Hello Maypole

Puzzle + Tic Tac Toe Board: This + That Etc.

Crib: Babyletto

Mountain Pillow: Dawn + Copper

Tree Pillow: Nature + Needle 

Wall Vinyl: Atlas Roots

2017-01-09_0045 2017-01-09_0046 2017-01-09_0047 2017-01-09_0048

Swing + Knit Overalls: Little Cottonwood

2017-01-09_0049 2017-01-09_0050 2017-01-09_0051

Doll Pram: Ooh Noo

White Poof: Andie’s Shop

Wall Macrames: Natalie Ranae


March brought another lovely styled shoot. This was my first time shooting at Antelope Island, and I fell in love! So many gorgeous places to shoot and so much open space (my favorite)

Dress: Alta Moda Bridal

Hair + Make-Up: Emily Lords

2017-01-09_0052 2017-01-09_0053 2017-01-09_0054 2017-01-09_0055 2017-01-09_0056 2017-01-09_0057 2017-01-09_0058 2017-01-09_0059 2017-01-09_0060 2017-01-09_0061 2017-01-09_0062


This is one of my favorite families. They are some of my close friends and I was thrilled that I was able to do this sweet in-home session for them. I love returning clients. I was lucky enough to shoot their maternity session as well as their birth story/fresh 48 for sweet Cole. Aren’t they the cutest family of 3?


2017-01-09_0063 2017-01-09_0064 2017-01-09_0065 2017-01-09_0066 2017-01-09_0067 2017-01-09_0068 2017-01-09_0069 2017-01-09_0070 2017-01-09_0071 2017-01-09_0072 2017-01-09_0073 2017-01-09_0074


I tagged along with Lindsay Gillon for this gorgeous bridal session. They have some of the most genuine personalities and sweetest souls. I loved seeing how smily they were with each other and were such naturals in front of the camera. Can’t get enough of those pretty spring blossoms.

2017-01-09_0075 2017-01-09_0076 2017-01-09_0077 2017-01-09_0078 2017-01-09_0079

Deric + Tenisha

I loved being able to spend sometime with this cute couple in my hometown of Evanston Wyoming! I was so happy that they booked me to capture their engagements and their wedding. Such a sweet couple who are perfect for each other.

2017-01-09_0080 2017-01-09_0081 2017-01-09_0082


This is my cute cousin Katie and her (now husband) Parker. They are the real life Barbie and Ken! They are adorable. I loved shooting their engagement session. Missing those gorgeous green canyons in Logan Utah.

2017-01-09_0083 2017-01-09_0084 2017-01-09_0085 2017-01-09_0086 2017-01-09_0087 2017-01-09_0088 2017-01-09_0089 2017-01-09_0090


Remember that talented make-up artist from the mama + kiddo series? This is Miriam. I was absolutely thrilled when she booked me for their engagements, bridals, + wedding day. These two were so much fun to hang out with and were such naturals. I hardly had to direct them, they are basically models. Loved getting to hear their love story and share their special day with them.

2017-01-09_0091 2017-01-09_0092 2017-01-09_0093 2017-01-09_0094 2017-01-09_0095 2017-01-09_0096 2017-01-09_0097 2017-01-09_0098

Bridals in Salt Lake City

Dress: Latter Day Bride

Florals: Modern Display


2017-01-09_0099 2017-01-09_0100 2017-01-09_0101 2017-01-09_0102 2017-01-09_0103 2017-01-09_0104 2017-01-09_0105 2017-01-09_0106 2017-01-09_0107 2017-01-09_0108

Maternity Pictures + Lifestyle Newborn

2016 led me to find my best friend. I could write a whole blog post about Lindsay. She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes of photography and how to run a business. I will forever be grateful for her and her generosity. Aside from mentoring me with photography we also managed an apartment complex together and saw eachother every day. I loved living so close to my best friend. Hopefully one day we can live close again. We stayed up way too late and laughed way too hard most times we were together. I was able to shoot her maternity session, her birth story for Nora, and a lifestyle session for them. Truly the sweetest most genuine person I’ve ever met.

2017-01-09_0109 2017-01-09_0110 2017-01-09_0111 2017-01-09_0112 2017-01-09_0113 2017-01-09_0114 2017-01-09_0115 2017-01-09_0116


I was so happy when this cute family hired me to take their pictures. I was also thrilled they wanted them taken out at Saltair by the Great Salt Lake. This was a place that was on my bucket list to shoot at and I couldn’t have picked a cuter family to shoot here. They were so much fun.

2017-01-09_0117 2017-01-09_0118 2017-01-09_0119 2017-01-09_0120 2017-01-09_0121 2017-01-09_0122 2017-01-09_0123 2017-01-09_0124 2017-01-09_0125 2017-01-09_0126 2017-01-09_0127 2017-01-09_0128 2017-01-09_0129 2017-01-09_0130 2017-01-09_0131 2017-01-09_0132 2017-01-09_0133 2017-01-09_0134 2017-01-09_0135


Family Session season! Loved all of the cute families I got to take pictures of this year!

Heiniger Family

Leff Family

This cute family won my birthday giveaway mini session! It was so fun to meet them, they have the cutest kiddos and were such a breeze to photograph!


October also brought the proposal of my cousin! I was so happy that I was able to be there and witness it! Such a happy time of life! She found the greatest guy and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding May 2017!


I ended the year shooting this gorgeous sealing for a sweet friend. This was such a gorgeous temple to shoot at, its now one of my favorites! I loved the Provo City Center Temple.

Dress: Ella Bloom Boutique

Floral Crown: Wild Rose House

Tie: Called to Surf

2017-01-09_0136 2017-01-09_0137 2017-01-09_0138 2017-01-09_0139 2017-01-09_0140 2017-01-09_0141 2017-01-09_0142 2017-01-09_0143 2017-01-09_0144 2017-01-09_0145 2017-01-09_0146

Easter Series

For our family, Easter is just as important to us as Christmas. Instead of focusing on chocolate and sugary things this year, I wanted to showcase some different options for Kiddos’ Easter baskets.

These ideas focus a little more on our Savior and help us focus a little more on the reason for the season. I’m so so excited to share with you our Easter Series! We will be kicking off #ourfamilyfaves with this series! There are so many options to look at from baby girl to toddler boys!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful items from so many talented shops!

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